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Experience of Tallinn Medical College will be needed at ZSMU

Experience of Tallinn Medical College will be needed at ZSMU

Recently, Tallinn Medical College (Tallinn, Estonia) held a scientific and practical event called "International Week of Tallinn Medical College". The organizers of the meeting gathered representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Jordan, Finland and Turkey. The participants of the conference actively talked about the educational process and students' clinical practice.

At the international educational arena in Tallinn ZSMU was represented by Svetlana Malakhova, associate professor of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and health.

By the way, Tallinn Health Care College is one of the most popular specialties of nursing staff in Tallinn, and also trains bachelors in Ergotherapy.

The college has an ergotherapy room, which is equipped with modern devices, increasing the ability to bring the patient as close as possible to the living conditions under the personal needs of the patient. Also, the office is equipped with an improvised kitchen with fixed in a certain way kitchen appliances and drawers, a personal hygiene room with railing and several modifications of equipment, a functional bed and several models of wheelchairs. A modern simulation center was also presented to our attention, which provides students with the opportunity to obtain and apply knowledge on first aid.

— We also had the opportunity to visit East-Tallinn Central Hospital, where we saw a practical work of an ergotherapist and a physical therapist in the recovery departments. During the week, meetings were held on topical issues of ergotherapy development, problems, in particular, work with relatives and friends of patients, a lot of attention was paid to the issues of ethics in ergotherapy, — Svetlana Nikolaevna shares her impressions.

In general, the experience will allow ZSMU to improve the educational process and equip the practical base for students in the field of ergotherapy.

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