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The meeting with students that passed IFOM successfully

The meeting with students that passed IFOM successfully

This year students had very important testing. It was the exam of International Foundations of Medicine(IFOM). This is a difficult exam that is required grounded knowledge, as the content of examination task include issues of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychology, midwifery, and gynecology, etc. Students from all over the world should know all issues that are checked at the exam at the final stage of education at university.

The range of ZSMU students proved that knowledge gained at our university meets the high standards of the examination. The meeting was held at which the rector of ZSMU, prof. Yuriy Kolesnik, first pro-rector, Mykolay Avramenko, pro-rector of scientific-pedagogical and academic work, Vadym Vizir, deans of medical faculties, associate professors: Vladimir Companies, Yuriy Polkovnikov, Maksyn Shyshkin with a group of fourth-year students of Medicine faculty who got personal assessment reports of passing results IFOM Basis Science (that is a first part Unified State Qualification Exam(ЄДКІ). They showed amazing results more than 50% of correct answers. Yuriy Mikhaylovich congratulated students with such brilliant results and asked to share their opinion concerning the examination conducting, its structure, informativity, specifics of training to the theoretical part of the test.

Students told that that the testing task of IFOM Basis Science is more oriented on clinical aspects with a focus on possible symptoms formation, taking into account laboratory indicators. They noticed that the biggest part of test tasks are concerned topics that are not included in the studying program. For example, they concern markers of oncological diseases or required specific teaching approaches. For example, pharmacological tests focus more on clinical pharmacology, names of medication according to our classification. Pathomorphology test focus on the evaluation of a microscopic section in pathology cases. Tests in medical genetics focus on the usage of genes names according to the international terminology system, the role of genes in pathology formation, etc.

At the meeting methods of preparation for the exam were also discussed. Students, first of all, stressed the importance of personal motivation, a necessity to improve the level of professionally oriented English. It should be admitted that these students also passed licensed exam Krok-1 with good results, and have a high academic assessment for years. It means that a clue to success is hard work and wish to obtain grounded knowledge for becoming a successful specialist.

13 November 2019


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