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ZSMU participated at the “Educational Fair”

ZSMU participated at the “Educational Fair”

Yesterday in the exhibition center, "Kazak Palace” was held an interregional specialized exhibition of educational institutions and educational services. It is called “Educational Fair”. ZSMU takes part in this event every year. We present our elite educational institution that takes the highest place in the regional ranking and takes one of the leading places among higher medical institutions in Ukraine.

The presentation corner is located in a very good place, all visitors could see it from far because of its elegant decoration with national symbols’ colors with modern information stands, that not only very attractes everybody's attention but also contained irrefragable information to help young people know more about our university. Near this corner is an exhibit of ZSMU medical college that is part of our strong training base.

The exhibition was visited by members of the Rectorate and admission board. At the opening part the Rector, Professor Yuriy Kolesnik, an honored man of science and technology of Ukraine, greeted all who was present. He stressed that today the university trains highly-qualified specialists in medicine and pharmacy, our specialists are valued in Ukraine and abroad. Medical education in Ukraine is one of the best in the world and meet all European standards. Rector called on young people and their parents think carefully about specialty and educational institutions, they would choose because education always was and will be a guarantee of personal and state development.

Near the presentation corner, our students and workers wait to welcome all visitors. There is also Daria Sincheko, who is a Candidate of Pharmacological Science, who can compare this year Fair and the one that was held in the previous year. ”We are waiting for a bigger number of visitors. Tomorrow it should be students, on Saturday it should be parents. Our university doesn’t need a special advertising company, said Daria Mykolaivna,” ZSMU is well known in our region and other ones. Usually, young people have prepared purposefully for enrollment for years. But we are open to new enrolee because every year they meet a lot of changes. For example, this year the number of applications was lowered. No one could submit only five applications,not seven. We also explain that enrollments with an associate diploma should take the Ukranian Language ZNO examination. We invite people for Open House Day at our university that will be held in December. We also have prepared many informational materials about the range of our services. We also demonstrate videos about our specialties.”

The exhibit of ZSMU medical college gives young people and their parents enough information for making a decision. Vasyl Ivanovich Trypolets, who is a teacher of the English language think that today some of his pupils will surely choose nursing or pharmacy at ZSMU as a lot of them, have come that day. College representatives also distribute flyers and demonstrate videos.

The educational fair will be held for three days. It is a start for enrollment campaign in our and other universities.

08 November 2019


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