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ZSMU welcomes new students from the Republic of India

ZSMU welcomes new students from the Republic of India

A new group of young students from far India came to ZSMU for studying. More than a hundred new students came to us just a few days ago. Some of them were accompanied by parents, who wanted to see with their own eyes where their children will live and earn a degree. They had barely set foot on the campus,when realized that ZSMU will become a good home for their children,from now and till the graduation day.

New students and their parents were welcomed by ZSMU administration,they met with Rectorate members, and with the Rector, Prof.Yuriy Kolesnik himself.Guests visited The Centre of Indian Culture, a range of departments where their children will learn medicine and pharmacy, anatomical museum, interdepartmental training center. They regarded with an interest a territory of the student campus and tasted dishes in Indian café.

Guests got lasting impressions of university and its educational base,accommodation conditions, etc. Parents told us that they heard positive feedbacks from our alumnus,who earned a diploma, got fundamental knowledge and after accomplishing the study, made a good career in Motherland. Now they are sure that it was a very good decision to send their children to study in ZSMU.

We had organized a city tour for new students, showed them museums and Khortytsia of course.

ZSMU greets newcomers and wishes them inspiration for the study.



07 November 2019


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