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Magna Charta Universitatum anniversary

Magna Charta Universitatum anniversary

Recently members of Magna Charta Universitatum gather together once again to celebrate 31th anniversary of this document at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada).

The Canadian scientific-research university has hosted members of Magna Charta Universitatum for the first time. Such conferences are dedicated to the «Magna Charta Universitatum» document that started in 1988 in Bolonia.

«Magna Charta Universitatum», the document was signed for determining and supporting fundamental values and principles of universities from the moment of its signing and till today. Nowadays this document was signed by more than 800 heads of educational institutions around the world.

At the meeting in Hamilton, it was Grigorieva Elena Anatolievna who was the representative of ZSMU. This year the topic of the conference was «Universities: will and responsibilities; Challenge of the future».In particular, they discussed the place of a university in modern society, the influence of universities on the social life of a city, tolerant attitude towards students, etc.

Olena Anatolievna told us that during breaks between sessions she had an opportunity to speak with representatives of other higher education institutions from all over the world. Urgent issues for universities’ Heads today are academic freedom and autonomy that will allow optimizing and improving the educational process in an effective way.

The conference schedule had been organized the way to stimulate discussions, assure active participation of all members and motivate them for discussing urgent issues.

04 November 2019

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