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Virtual Patient Challenge

Unfortunately, for becoming a good and high-demand specialist in the medical field, you need to be not only a hardworking student. For achieving this level, you also need many hours of practice. But for medical students practice is usually something boring and unpleasant. However, your practice shouldn't be like that. If you want to take part in a cool practice, you should participate in a clinical competition program — Virtual Patient Challenge.

This program is based on modern simulation technology- Body Interact. These simulators don’t differ from real people. They behave and react exactly like you and I. By the way, they also have a big range of clinical cases. Virtual Patient Challenge will be held on December 2-3 on the base of the Interdepartmental training center at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

For taking part students of the 6th year,who are willing to participate need to form 1-2 teams. Each team should consist of 3 people. Participants should apply until the 8th of November.

Here the contacts for registration and organizational issues:

Romanova Ekaterina Borisovna—

Skoba Irina Anatolievna —

We welcome all our students to take part in this event. As it will give you and your friends next opportunities:

-Develop skills are necessary for future job
-Practice to work under the stress
-Practice to make urgent decisions and to analyze your actions
-Develop your communicative and teamwork skills
-Have a lot of fun

04 November 2019


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