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Exam for teachers — rating evaluation of departments

Exam for teachers — rating evaluation of departments

A distinctive feature of the week, of course, is the work to determine the rating performance of departments and teachers of the University in 2019. Today, the rating commission, approved by the order of the rector, which is traditionally guided by the regulations on the rating system, started its work. It will work for a week. The analysis of the complex activity of the departmental collectives is the thirteenth.

According to pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and educational work, associate Professor Svetlana Morgunova, practice showed that this final process has an excellent motivation for professional growth of professors, associate professors, assistants – all teaching staff, encourages creativity, and healthy competition between scientific, academic departments creates a lot of interesting and creative initiatives, which, in the end, become part of the whole team ZSMU.

The fact that the course of the rating evaluation is not formally rigid, but alive and creative, is evidenced by the fact that the existing regulation is updated annually, changes and innovations are made, they are dictated by the development of the University and the activity of the departments collectives, - says Svetlana Andreevna. – This year, the commission is provided with General statistical information, the reports take into account all relevant activities of the department-educational, scientific activities, personnel status, medical and diagnostic work and the introduction of scientific achievements in the practice of health care, international, state and industry recognition, social, educational and educational activity, other aspects. Along with these components, the regulation has been amended, in particular, the contribution of the staff of the departments to the results of the license examinations of the KROK is assessed. In this time, the deans have proposed to consider significant points in the discipline, such as regular filling of electronic journals : who neglects this, will have a share of negative points, who never asked for unlock journal - will receive encouragement.".

On the first day, as noted by pro-rector Svetlana Morguntsova, the activities of 16 departments were analyzed, the impression was positive. As a result, the rating will be considered by the scientific council, the result of creative achievements will serve as a basis for awarding collective.

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