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About bodies at Body Worlds

About bodies at Body Worlds

This autumn for the first time to the capital of Ukraine came a world-wide famous exhibition of human bodies-Body Worlds. Workers of the Department of Human Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of ZSMU with 38 students of second, third and fourth academic years came to Kyiv for visiting this unique exposition.

They came back full of unforgettable impressions and emotions. A collection of expositions is consists of real exhumed human bodies, that were conserved by a special method of plastination. This method was invented by Gunther von Hagens, who is a German anatomist. Bodies are made by this method to keep the structure and form for many years. Those bodies were voluntarily donated to the institute of plastination in Heidelberg that was founded by doctor Hagens in 1993. Those people were consented to using their bodies as expositions after death. Nowadays several temporal exhibitions are traveled around the globe. These exhibitions already were in more than 40 countries. Also, there are permanent exhibitions in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Guben and San Jose, California.

Expositions of Body Worlds exhibition are located in separate thematic rooms. Every room shows a certain period of human life and represents organism changes from the impregnation moment and till the moment of death.They represent the different physiological and pathologic processes and their influence on internal organs. At the same time expositions also pay attention to the topic of health-preserving.At the exhibition, 99 expositions demonstrate the structure of all functional systems of the body and also a condition of internal organs during different sports activities.

There are informational stands near every exposition that explains how the human body works, some of them are equipped with multimedia installations. Students and professors of ZSMU think that this exhibition will be interesting not only for medic specialists and students but also for common people who have nothing common with medicine as well.

The exhibition will be held till the first of December in Kyiv, in the fourth hall of the Expocenter of Ukraine.

29 October 2019


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