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Global leaders of implantation and plastic surgery conducted lectures at ZSMU

Global leaders of implantation and plastic surgery conducted lectures at ZSMU

Students, practicing doctors, interns of the dental department had a unique possibility to visit lectures of authoritative specialists of different medical fields. Professors Mariusz Duda and Cristoffer Ingves who are not only successfully practise in many countries but also lecturing in leading medical universities accepted the invitation of Administration of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

Mariusz Duda is implantologist and expert on dentistry implantlology, co-founder and president of Polish Association of implantology, vice-president of International congresses of oral implantology. Mariusz Duda is also an international examiner of Advanced Credential Commission ICOI in a field of dental implantology. He is also recognized as dental implantology specialists in Poland and abroad. Moreover, he is a scientific editor of a polish edition of Dentistry Implantology textbook, main editor of the scientific journal “Dental Implantology”, author of more than a hundred scientific publications. Mariusz Duda is a professor of Oral and maxillofacial surgery Department and Clinic in a medical university of Katowice. He also conducts educational circles in implantology at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and at College of Dental medicine at Columbia University in the City of New York.

-“My mission is after graduate training of implantologists according to the standards of the International Dental Implant Association for that quality and responsibility for spreading the best and modern knowledge is a prior task”,-stressed professor Duda-“I am a perfectionist with a drop of fantasy, who realizes his dreams. Teaching implantologists and lecturing give me a big pleasure for me”.

Another invited lector was Cristoffer Ingves, who is a famous specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is also a member of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery associations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Poland. He studied at The University of Copenhagen (Dania) and studied for a master degree at Harvard Medical School, his specialization was Laser and aesthetic therapy. He also had traineeship in the SouthWestern medical center of Dallas. He practise in Norway, Dania, and Poland. Cristoffer Ingves is an author of a range of scientific publications in recognized periodicals, reports, presentations, scientific congresses, and symposiums. He is always eagerly lecturing or conducting master-class for doctors and interns.

“Improving the quality of patients’ life is an issue that stimulates me today. For me, as a plastic surgeon achieving of harmonious and professionally perfect results is a primary task, no matter who my patient is.”,-share Cristoffer Ingves-“ I would like not only to earn the absolute trust of a patient but first of all make a patient happy about who he will become. I wish that visit to my clinic of plastic surgery becomes a joyful occasion for my patient from the very first minute he crosses the doorway and till goodbye moment. That is why, as I think, the fundamental issue is an individual approach for everyone: identification of one’s needs,fears, and most importantly-dreams. Plastic surgery is an occupation that requires not only an appropriate knowledge and experience but also an understanding of the client’s needs, fears and choosing the best method of treatment.

Professors Mariusz Duda and Cristoffer Ingves, who were invited to Zaporizhzhia conducted lectures about last tendencies in implantology and plastic surgery.

25 October 2019


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