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ZSMU joins an educational BMJ platform

ZSMU joins an educational BMJ platform

Recently ZSMU got exclusive access to an educational platform of BMJ thanks to our partner NeoGroup.  It will help not only improve the scientific and educational base of the university but also will give students a unique possibility to become a highly qualified and competitive specialist in both the Ukrainian and world labor markets.


BMJ or the British Medical Journal is one of the biggest authorities in the medical scientific-publishing field in the whole world. BMJ is also one of the oldest medical journals in the world, that is published by the filial company of the British Medical Association. Representatives of BMJ understood that journal format was not sufficient for giving practicing doctors and students actual information and knowledge of the medical field. So, they developed special educational platforms: BMJ Best Practice та BMJ Learning. These platforms are specialized interactive platforms. All information on these platforms is assorted on special topics and medical fields. By these online services, specialists and students could acquaint with the latest news, colleagues’ developments, and with other useful information from any corner of the world. Users of the platforms get access to more than 1000 clinical cases, educational videos about clinical situations, methods of treatment, information about equipment for treatment and diagnostics, etc.

Such divisions as Assessment topics, Condition topics and Diagnostic and treatment guidelines will help a beginner medic to asses the patient’s symptoms and condition, make a diagnosis for a short period,and after it prescribe the most optimal and qualitative treatment. All information that is presented on the platform is based on the real experience of real leading practicing doctors. Moreover, users have access to theoretical information thanks to articles monographs and many other scientific publications on the global level.

As it was mentioned above, the system has its assessment system. After passing special educational units, the user can get a special certificate right after verifying that he has an appropriate level of knowledge and competence.

It gives not only an opportunity to check how good one has learned the material, but also gives users the opportunity to use the certificate for improving the level of one’s competence.

And it only part of the possibilities that give an educational BMJ platform.

Let's study, improve yourself, practice and join BMJ.

25 October 2019


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