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ZSMU-China Science and experience exchange

ZSMU-China Science and experience exchange

Scientists of ZSMU traveled for work to People’s Republic of China. Olga Pakholchuk who is M.D, Associate professor of Faculty Pediatry and Taras Ivanenko M.D, Associate professor of Pathologic Physiology. They both got plenty of good impressions and share their thoughts with us.

We wished to visit Celestial Empire firstly because we wanted to acquainted with the system of training of medical workers in China, with the work and achievements of our colleagues. It was a familiarized visit. Its aim was establishing partnership contacts in scientific and pedagogical areas and for practical collaboration. We were highly interested in the achievements of the university scientists, particularly in stem cell cultivating. As ZSMU administration considered this area as a very promising one for our university development. That’s why the administration of our university is going to create a stem cell laboratory. We would like to borrow Chinese experience as they have developed in this area for a long time.

We accomplished all the goals that we made for this trip, greatly thanks to the help of Chinese colleagues from the International department. They were very hospitable and they made a university tour for us and even showed the college town. It pretty similar to the ZSMU campus, although the college town of Hebei Medical University also includes several clinics. We visited two of these clinics: children one and multi-disciplinary one with reproductive center We also visited the training center.

Our Chinese colleagues wanted to amaze and impress us But they hadn’t visited our university, so they don’t know that ZSMU develops not inferior. For example, they showed us their novelty-anatomic table, but our Аnatomage has been used for teaching students for 2 semesters already.In general, the biggest part of their equipment is already used in ZSMU and our students have access to it. The biggest part of the laboratories of Hebei Medical University already works in ZSMU as well.

However, we also saw a lot of novelties at Hebei Medical University that aren’t available in our university yet. In particular, it is Stem Cell cultivating laboratories. Students don’t work there, only scientists do. Chinese colleagues cultivate cells for transplantation in diabetes treatment.It’s a new stream that is developed all over the world. We are going to open such a laboratory in our university. It will be a big step forward for our university ., this field is interested in scientists from all departments of our university. For example, we could use cells as a biomaterial instead of rats. We could affect these cells by different factors. That’s why we have study all the details of the functioning of such laboratories, to know where we should start.

Teaching and the methods of teaching is an another field that we were interested in. Students of Hebei Medical University study for 5 years. They have very busy schedule:study lasts from 8 a.m till 9-10 p.m.Contrary to our students, who start work with patients almost from the very beginning of a first-year and pass exams near of real patient bed, Chinese students strat work with patients only in 5 academic years, and they are not even real people, they are just actors . Chinese colleagues consider only virtual ways of teaching students practical skills.

Another purpose of our trip was to establish contacts with the reproductive center. We had a very interesting talk and reach an agreement about probably experience exchange in the future.: Their specialists could come to us and lecture to our students. We are interested in it also because scientists of Hebei Medical University have not only Chinese experience but the American ones as well.Because all scientists of Hebei Medical University have studied there or at least had a traineeship there. We also discuss the possibility of inviting a professor who specialized in the biology of stem cells to ZSMU-such experience and training would be very important for us.

We also agreed about the student exchange between our universities. So we laid the foundations for further productive collaboration. We express our gratitude to the ZSMU rectorate, particularly to the rector ZSMU-professor Yuri Mikhailovich Kolesnik for such an interesting work trip and opportunity to, see modern scientific and educational foreign technologies, that we will try to imply productively into our work as much as we can”..

23 October 2019

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