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Participation in congress is a step to professional development

Participation in congress is a step to professional development

About grants and exchange programs in simple language ZSMU scientists actively participate in international scientific seminars and symposiums. Recently Oleksiy Polkovnikov who is an Associate Professor of catastrophe medicine, military medicine, and neurosurgery department of ZSMU, came back from XIX European Congress of neurosurgeons (EANS), that was held in Dublin. He made a report about the Treatment of complicated aneurismal internal bleeding.

"World scientists concern to this issue" ,told Oleksiy Yuriyovich, "because complicated aneurismal internal bleeding is one of the most aggressive kinds of hemorrhagic apoplexy that causes the high index of morality and invalidism. Scientists constantly work on modern methods of operational intervention. This gives an opportunity to improve the functional results of patients who suffered aneurysm rupture and decrease the number of unfavorable consequences. In the report, I presented the developments of my colleagues from the department and my own.It was interesting to speak with congress participations and neurosurgeons from the leading hospitals of German, Italy, France, Turkey, Japan, the USA, Great Britain, Ireland. Participation in such forums gives invaluable benefits for professional development."

09 October 2019


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