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Onam Celebration

Onam Celebration

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is alma mater not only for Ukrainian citizens. We are proud to be a home for people from different parts of the world. We have 2000 international students from 42 countries.

This September our dear Indian students celebrated Onam. It's a very big and popular event for the Kerala state citizens. Onam is a harvest festival believed to be a day when great king Mahabali returned. Mahabali was an honorable king who reigned many centuries ago. All the people loved him because King Mahabali concerned so much about the well-being and happiness of his subjects.

Under his reign, a gold century began. He became a king of all 3 worlds. But many Gods grew envious of his popularity and asked Lord Vishnu to help them. Lord Vishnu saw that Mahabali became egocentric, so he came to his palace in the form of a wise man.

As custom dictates king should grant wishes of wise men. So Lord Vishnu asked Mahabali for three steps. His last step could destroy Earth. The King understood it, so he asked him to step on his head. God was pleased with such generosity. That’s why when he sent Mahabali to the netherworlds he permitted him to come back every year. Many years have passed from that day. But Kerala citizens still eagerly awaited for Onam-harvest festival and return of a noble king.

The whole Onam festival takes 10 days. Onam is celebrated at the beginning of the month of Chingam. Chingam is the first month of Malayalam calendar (Kollavarsham). Malayam calendar is a solar and sidereal Hindu calendar used in Kerala. Chingam month is equivalent to the period between August and September in Gregorian calendar.

There are four main days of Onam. They are Onam/Uthradom, Onam/Thiruvonam, Onam/Avvittom, and Onam/Chatayam. As legend said in Onam –Uthradom King Mahabali came to people and stay with them till Onam Chatayam. So everybody has a lot of fun on this occasion. But preparations started a few days earlier when people clean their houses, cooked a delicious meal, buy new beautiful clothes and created adorable floral ornaments called pookalam in front of their houses.

With the support of NEO GROUP and ZAISA Student Association, our students cheerfully celebrated Onam with dancing, music, various competitions, and quizzes. The University administration sincerely congratulates our Indian students on this wonderful holiday of happiness and prosperity.

04 October 2019

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