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WAVES Webinar for SBL: Virtual Patients as One of Tools to Provide Successful Medical Education

Implementation of the latest teaching techniques, virtual reality and e-learning are the key elements in organizing interesting and successful learning. These techniques have become especially relevant for medical education in Ukraine.

In 2012, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University got acquainted with a “Virtual Patient”: within the ePBLnet project (2012-2015) of Tempus program the academic staff of ZSMU successfully implemented 54 pediatric VP cases, in 2015 ZSMU became a participant of the TAME project (2015-2019) of Erasmus+ program to modernize the curriculum and implement 6 pediatric and 6 surgical VP cases with medical errors. The interest in using virtual teaching techniques is rapidly increasing.

On the base of International Education Center, ZSMU staff participated in a WAVES toolkit webinar for scenario-based learning (SBL) and techniques of creation virtual scenarios, held by St. George University of London on September 20. Distinguished speakers of St. George University, Sheetal Cavia, Martin Adler and David Topps spoke about existing virtual patient platforms such as Casus, xAPI and Olab4. They also shared their case-writing experience and discussed most frequent mistakes that occur during the VP creation process.

The representatives of the Departments of Internal Diseases No 1, Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Faculty Pediatrics, Normal Physiology, Multimodal Diagnosis and Propedeutics, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and MEP, Interdepartmental Training Center and International Relations Departments of ZSMU had an opportunity to enhance their knowledge in this direction. For some of them it was a brand new experience that can open new passages for future research and scientific work.

20 September 2019


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