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Treatment of Joint Pathology and Replacement: New Knowledge and Ideas

Treatment of Joint Pathology and Replacement: New Knowledge and Ideas

In the last years, traumatology and orthopedics have got huge progress. So today any complicated fracture or joint disease is not a verdict, as many special techniques were developed, big treating experience was gained for helping them to return a joy of life.

A few days ago the Fourth Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference "Burning Issues of Joint Pathology and replacement " was held in Primorsk. There 385 orthopedist-traumatologist from different Ukraine regions and invited foreign guests discussed modern achievements in joint replacement, usage of the newest biotechnologies in traumatology and orthopedic practice as well as osteoarthritis and other problems. Big attention was paid to a complicated knee and hip joint replacement treatment. On the conference was shown the first experience of shoulder joint replacement by a prosthesis made in Ukraine.

For the first time, the conference was attended by combustiologists who showed the newest technologies of burn surgical treatment, told about its impacts and wounds of causes of such wounds. A special part of the conference was dedicated to children's orthopedics.

"The presentation of Professor Yuri Kolesnik who is the Rector of ZSMU, about new cooperation of University scientists with Motor-Sich specialists for production of individualized titanium implants for oral and maxillofacial surgery with of selective laser titanium casting technology(metallic 3D print of ultrahigh accuracy) sparked public interest.

Many master classes were held about orthopedic bandages usage in traumatology and orthopedics. Experts also showed usage of polymeric bandages for urgent injuries and showed Sanoroller method for joint treatment,ent.

Participants supported the idea of creation of thematic doctors improvement courses at the Zaporizhzhya State Medical University. At the courses will be developed knowledge and skills on the next subjects: knee and shoulder joints arthroscopy, hip, knee and shoulder replacement, intramedullary osteosynthesis of lower and upper limbs. Scientists and masters of ZSMU, "Motor Sich", State Institute of spine and joint pathology named after M I Sitenka of National Academy of medical sciences in Ukraine will continue their cooperation "for the adoption of bio-implants made of magnesium alloy for osteosynthesis in traumatology and orthopedics surgery in hospitals.

24 September 2019


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