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Meeting with student bodies

Meeting with student bodies

The university auditorium was overcrowded with representatives of all faculties, specialties, and courses who came to meet with the rector of ZSMU, Professor Yuri Kolesnyk. After all, the issues that were planned to be discussed concern everyone and every single student should be informed about it.

The most important issue is studying. Yuriy Mikhailovich told the students about the new opportunities that the interdepartmental training center opens for them. For installation and equipping of that center ZSMU administration spare no expense. Today, our center has a "virtual patient" with a variety of programs for any specialty, smart dummies and real devices - ECG, ultrasound - all the devices that students need to master for further work in medical institutions

Concerning the latter: we have a complex situation with them in the light of recent health care reforms. The Rectorate is working hard to cooperate with local authorities so that departments can continue to work in hospitals and students have the opportunity to learn and acquire practical skills. However, the situation remains uncertain..

Preparation for the international examinations of IFOM, OSKI, part of USCE, state KROK examination remained high on agenda. We already started to discuss the preparing of examination cards in the "Physical rehabilitation. Ergotherapy "specialty. So, do not waste your time, and use all available library resources, online courses, consultations at profile departments in your free time for preparing well to exams.

The Rector highly emphasized on the importance of the fight against corruption: “It is unacceptable for our university to have at least the slightest corruption manifestations. I call you to your honesty and looking out. ".

The senior students were interested in the innovations regarding postgraduate studies, in particular, residency, sorting and work placement, performance rating the proposed by Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for discussion. Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for discussion by to discuss the innovations regarding postgraduate studies, in particular, residency, distribution and completion, rating of success.

Another important issue that Yuri Mikhailovich propose students to discuss - their suggestions -concerning lectures, their format, and content. The rector asked the student bodies, the head of groups and courses to discuss the issue with the students and send their suggestions to We expect collective and individual suggestions and ideas concerning lectures by October 1, 2019, for processing information as soon as possible and to make an acceptable solution for, both students and faculty.

12 September 2019

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