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From France with New Experience

From France with New Experience

About grants and exchange programs in simple language Docent of catastrophe medicine, of military medicine and neurosurgery department of ZSMU Oleksiy Polkovnikov, has successfully passed training in Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier (France).

«I 've been passing the course under the guidance of Vincent Costalat, , share impressions Oleksiy Yuriyovich, " it was very interesting and necessary experience exchange, borrowing of new practices. I mastered methods of vascular surgery in the acute period of cerebral infarction, such as thrombus aspiration and thromboextraction. I acquainted and mastered the technique of usage of newest devices (pConus 2, WEB, Surpass Evolve та Pipeline Flex) for embolization "difficult" aneurysm vessels of the cerebrum .

 Professor Alain Bonafe kindly shares his own experience and peculiarities of usage of protecting balloon techniques during the treatment of aneurysm with a wide neck in the acute period of aunerism subarachnoid hemorrhage. I came back from training with new ideas, and wist to use it in practice for treating patients and in scientific work in the department. Because theoretic knowledge and practical skills that were mastered would significantly help to our abilities in treating patients with cerebrovascular pathology .

I express gratitude to the ZSMU rectorate for this big opportunity to master foreign experience, to open scientific horizons and borrow innovations of world-famous scientists".

09 September 2019


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