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ZSMU Celebrated India's Independence Day

ZSMU Celebrated India's Independence Day

Today, ZSMU students and staff celebrated the Independence Day of India in the Indian Cultural Center.

Although most Indian student of ZSMU are now on their vacation at home, but some students still spend their summer in Zaporizhzhia, so they can celebrate it here, in the university. They also invited representatives from the international faculties, International Relations Department, NEO Association and other guests.

Students performed the National Anthem of the Republic of India and songs about the country's independence. They warmly and sincerely communicated, tasted sweets. On August 15, every citizen of the Republic of India celebrates independence from the British Empire since 1947, when it gained sovereignty and began its new history.

Indian youth, studying at ZSMU, always shows high patriotism concerning the Motherland. During celebration they set flags of their native country and a portrait of national leader Mahatma Gandhi, under whose leadership in the 20th century the Indian National Congress and other political organizations started nationwide independence movement.

In a while Ukraine will also celebrate its own Independence Day, and foreign students, considering themselves as a part of a friendly international family of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, are going to share the joy and grandeur of this event with Ukrainian students as a sign of gratitude to the country, where they currently live and study.

15 August 2019

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