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Professor Sezgin Gunes' Internship in ZSMU

Professor Sezgin Gunes' Internship in ZSMU

Sezgin Gunes, a professor of the Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), located in Samsun, Turkey, visited Zaporizhzhia State Medical University to undertake an internship. At home, Professor Gunes deals with genetics at the Faculty of Medicine, combining scientific work with lecturing at the departments of Medical Biology and Multidisciplinary Molecular Medicine.

The program of Sezgin Gunes' visit to ZSMU is very rich. She met with members of the administration, ZSMU rector, Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, first vice-rector, Associate Professor Mykola Avramenko, members of the International Relations Department of the university. During these meetings they discussed further strengthening of scientific cooperation between OMU and ZSMU and their scientists in particular.

The professor visited the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine of the FPE, talked with a team of scientists headed by the head of the department, Professor Nataliia Avramenko, acquainted with the activities of the Regional Medical Center for Human Reproduction, in particular, with the Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health, the Department of In Vitro Fertilization. She highly appreciated the achievements of Zaporizhzhia colleagues and delivered to them a lecture on what scientists of the Faculty of Medicine at OMU are engaged in.

According to the Professor Gunes, their curriculum offers the format of problem-oriented learning, she personally participates in courses on biology, reproduction and geriatrics. Sezgin Gunes teaches molecular biology, cell and tissue culture methods, research principles, genetics terminology, molecular pathology and gene therapy, cell biology, signal transmission, aging and apoptosis, as well as molecular biology and cancer genetics. That is why, during the internship at ZSMU, she is mostly interested in similar issues.

The guest visited the University Clinic of ZSMU, in particular, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, the Laboratory of Histopathochemical Research. Sezgin Gunes also visited departments of Faculty Pediatrics, Pediatric Diseases of the FPE, and other departments of the university.

18 July 2019

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