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Parents Visit Children's Graduation Ceremony

Parents Visit Children's Graduation Ceremony

Recently, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University held the graduation ceremony for students, who finished their studies in 2019 and are about to join the ranks of medical and pharmaceutical workers. For each family, the end of a child's education at a higher education institution is a major event. Parents of students from the Republic of India came to share the joy of this event with their children. In their elegant national dress, they attended the ceremony at the Dniprospetsstal Palace of Culture, where they congratulated their already certified sons and daughters.

The pleasant events did not end there. Today, members of the university's administration met with a group of parents of Indian students. Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, the rector of the university, congratulated students, who graduated with honors, as well as activists who for many years showed an active public position and led their friends for success. Parents sincerely thanked the university administration for taking care of their children, excellent learning and living conditions, and the high quality of knowledge that young people obtain before their return to the homeland.

A pleasant emphasis on the stay of Indian citizens at ZSMU has become an excursion to the student campus and educational buildings. The guests were delighted with the equipment of the classrooms and laboratories. They were also impressed by the most modern virtual patient technology the Interdepartmental Training Center, which is now used both in learning and for knowledge assessment. Moreover, having learned that this year, interns started taking practice-oriented exam "Standardized Patient" for the first time not only in Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, but in whole Ukraine, parents were extremely satisfied that they were not mistaken with the choice of higher education institution for their children.

Another interesting discovery for guests was the visit to the Anatomy Museum of the university, where, in addition to unique exhibits, it was possible to see in the work the newly-acquired equipment: Anatomage anatomical table, which allows studying the structure of the human body in 3D. At home, in far-away India, they will gladly tell their friends and acquaintances that medical education should be received only in Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, a really European university.

24 June 2019

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