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ZSMU Graduates Received Long-awaited Diplomas

ZSMU Graduates Received Long-awaited Diplomas

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University bade farewell to their senior students, and now their mentors, professors and teachers can call them colleagues. This year, 1563 graduated from our university. Among them, there are 1153 native and 410 foreign graduates.

A holiday dedicated to the graduation and awarding of diplomas took place in the Dniprospetsstal Palace of Culture. The hall of one of the largest palaces in the city was filled with graduates, elegantly dressed boys and girls. The path to their diploma was marked by hard work from the first to the last year.

Student crowds met with their mentors: academic staff, heads of state examination commissions, deans of faculties, and of course, the rector of ZSMU, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, who greeted everyone. All the graduates were excited to hear the rector’s speech, as they completed the important stage of their life, and the university became for everyone a friendly family that will always support them.

Yurii Kolesnyk noted the persistence of the current graduates batch, thanked the teachers for their high level of knowledge and the results of the Krok licensing exam, which our graduates passed with a distinction among the students of medical universities of Ukraine. The University has done everything to give a new generation of doctors and pharmacists high-quality education and high-level knowledge, so that young people could get their first job.

Representatives of the regional and city authorities, and the regional committee of trade union of medical workers also came to the ceremony to express their congratulations to the graduates.

This year, 40 graduates received diplomas with honors, and moreover two of them are foreign students. This pleasant mission was performed by Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, as well as deans of faculties, associate professors Volodymyr Kompaniets, Yurii Polkovnykov, Maxym Shishkin, Aleksander Kremzer.

ZSMU graduates from foreign countries also bade farewell to their university years. Parents shared this joyful moment with their children, having overcome thousands of kilometers of distance. The holiday was reminiscent of an enchanting carnival. To finish the ceremony in the grand style, fireworks were the icing on the cake.

24 June 2019

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