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Advance Medical Education Platforms

Advance Medical Education Platforms

The education has ceased to be standardized with the development of high technology and the Internet. On-line studying and smart teaching has been an integral part of the educational process for a long time now. It is actively used along with the classical form of education in every prestigious world university. First of all, everyone has an opportunity to obtain all the necessary information on any subject and specialty, to take on-line exams and even get a certificate of the corresponding standard thanks to it to its 24/7 availability, the only thing needed is access to the Internet. That is why the nowadays youth studying at the university actively uses this type of educational technology without any doubts.

There are many educational platforms available on the Internet up to date. Each person has the opportunity to receive information, improve his qualification level and even get detailed instructions on acquiring needful practical skills in the medical field.

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has long used the edX educational on-line service (created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University) for interactive teaching of its students. But we stay strong in the pursuit of our goals. That's why we are always implementing new technologies and innovations in the field of education in our work.

Thanks to supporting of our partner NEO GROUP for nigh on 3 years, students and graduates of the ZSMU actively use the Elsevier medical education licensing platform (headquarters: New York, USA) to study and prepare for such important exams as USMLE, IFOM, PLAB, MCCEE, AMC, FMGE, KROKs, etc. Elsevier is a comprehensive E-learning solution that brings about a paradigm shift in the education delivery mechanism, the core feature of this system in automated, recorded, visualized multimedia programming of medical text books and clinical learning skills. The access to the Elsevier provides the students the ability to virtually re-live their learning experience on anytime and anywhere basis. This feature as a range of useful tools and applications which makes the learning experience more engaging and interacting for students.

In other words, Elsevier is a powerful increasing of the professional level of doctors. The users have the opportunity to receive the most up-to-date knowledge of medicine and apply it to work with their patients.

ZSMU and NEO GROUP representatives met with the creators of the PrepLadder medical platform last week and agreed on the possibility of licensed using this online service by ZSMU students. This is an educational online platform created exclusively for healthcare professionals. The PrepLadder goal is a qualitative, life-long improvement of the doctor professionalism, to target FMGE MCI Screening Test and PG NEET in India. The training is made in an interactive mode. It facilitates better information memorizing and slows down the process of forgetting it. International educational model is specially adapted to modern medical community in India.

And remember: "The life-long learning education of doctor is the safety of every patient's life and the basis of the quality of medical services".



American clinical learning program

Indian smart teaching program


To target American medical licensing exams

To target Indian medical licensing exams



FMGE MCI Screening Test, PG NEET

12 June 2019

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