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Another State Attestation Stage for Graduate Students

Another State Attestation Stage for Graduate Students

State attestation of graduate students continues. Its first stages, KROK-2 and OSCE, graduate students passed successfully. Now they take practice-oriented comprehensive exams on internal diseases with infectious and occupational diseases, surgical diseases with pediatric surgery on the basis of the Regional Clinical Hospital. The next stage of examinations, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatric diseases, will be held in the City Maternity Hospital No. 9 and in the City Multipurpose Clinical Hospital No. 5.

Each student has to show their mastered skills in practice. It is even more difficult for foreign students than answering the theoretical questions, because they studied in English, however here they have to communicate with patient to collect the medical history, make a correct diagnosis and decide on treatment. Here they have to combine all the acquired medical knowledge and knowledge of the Ukrainian or Russian language. However, during the years of study, they have worked fruitfully in clinical departments, and therefore feel quite confident. Moreover, patients are friendly and understanding to our students, willingly participate in the examinations, patiently answer numerous questions, agree to be examined.

The equipment of the clinical departments located on the basis of the Regional Hospital allows graduate students to cope with the tasks, and at the same time show how they have mastered the instrumental methods of examination, ultrasonography and ECG.

State attestation is a crucial point for the whole university, because it is the result of an uneasy long-term work. However foreign students, in addition, have to verify their qualification on the world level.

6 June 2019

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