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First results of analysis of psychometric indicators of licensing integrated examination "Krok 2. General Medical Training".

Currently the testing center is undergoing the processing of the results of the licensing integrated examination "Krok 2. General Medical Training", which was conducted for Ukrainian students on May 21, 2019.

According to the procedure, the Testing Center calculated the psychometric indices for each testing task (TT) of the examination brochure: the index of complexity and the index of discrimination.

The complexity index determines how a specific testing task was difficult for a specific group of tested students and corresponds to the proportion of students who coped with the assignment. The complexity index can range from "0" to "1.0". For example, if the testing task has a discrimination index of 0.25 so it is considered to be difficult for those students who were tested as only 25% of the students succeeded.

The Discrimination Index (Test Resource Distribution of a testing assignment) demonstrates how well the proposed test assignment distinguishes diligent and not diligent students. The index of discrimination can range from -1 to +1. If the index of discrimination is positive, then this testing task differentiates among diligent and not diligent students.

The testing center informed in detail about these psychometric indicators and its interpretation in its post (

Analysis of the psychometric indicators of each testing task of the examination booklet of Krok 2 demonstates that 18 TT were difficult for graduates of this year as 25% or less students succeeded.

On May 27, 2019 the Testing Center within the framework of post-examination analysis sent these 18 testing tasks to institutions of higher education for the professional conclusion by the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the expert board of the examination “Krok 2. General medical training” for including / excluding the calculation of the results of the licensing examination of these testing tasks.

After receiving the professional conclusions, the Testing Center will calculate the individual results of students.

28 May 2019

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