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Love Our Native Land

Love Our Native Land

According to the tradition, in May foreigners visit the Zaporozhian Sich, historic-cultural complex on the Khortytsia island. This event is the final stage in the study of the discipline "Regional Geography", which is studied at the pre-university stage.

Along with their teachers, foreigners visited a museum and a theatrical performance staged by the Sich Cossacks.

On the territory of the complex, foreigners were able to see Cossack cannons, wagons and other objects of everyday life from the life of the Cossacks. They also visited many premises in order to get acquainted with the types of interior and household items of old times, as well as to plunge into the atmosphere of the Cossack times, and to feel the presence historical spirit.

Foreigner students received lots of unforgettable impressions while visiting theatrical performance. It was accompanied by shots from guns, drumbeats and national music. The bright national costumes, Ukrainian coloring and old weapons made it possible to experience the ancient times. The foreign students took part in this show with pleasure.

According to the head of the Foreign Citizens Training Center Vasetskaya L. I., such educational measures contribute to the deepening of foreigners' interest in learning the language as a means of getting acquainted with the new culture. During the trip to Khortytsia, students demonstrated a good level of language and country studies.

17 May 2019

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