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World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims

World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims

Every year, on the third Sunday of May, the world honors the memory of people, who have died of AIDS. The main purpose of this memorial date is to pay world's attention to the problems of AIDS patients, people living with HIV and also to decrease disease spread in the world.

The first Remembrance Day was held in San Francisco (USA) in 1983 by the people, who were deeply anxious of AIDS problem, which affected them personally. From that very time different activities have been held in regards of honoring the memory of decedents, thus giving the opportunity to living people to muse about that AIDS epidemic can affect anyone.

The symbol of the movement against this disease is red ribbon pinned to clothes and quilts. The quilt is multi-colored canvas is sewn from cloth scraps as memory of the lot of people who have died. These attributes have been invented in 1991 by the artist Frank Moore.

More than 25 million people have died all over the world from the time of finding out HIV in 1981.

There are more than 42 million people infected with the HIV virus in the world according to statistic data of the WHO. Every day this number increases by 14-15 thousand. Most people infected with HIV are young people under the age of 30.

19 May 2019

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