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Festival of Friendship and Unity

Festival of Friendship and Unity

A multinational bright festival "Ukraine brought us together" was a significant day for the whole community of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. This traditional event was held at the University for the eleventh time.

This event is meant for all the representatives of the cultures of different peoples of the world studying medicine at ZSMU to express their gratitude to the university that teaches protects them, and Ukraine that has become their motherland for life, because here in peace and quiet they spend student years.

The highlight of this year's festival was holding it in the open air, on the square in front of the second academic building of the university. A sense of space, freedom and unique beauty of the spring at the campus created a special mood for the participants.

A "Meet my Motherland" exhibition preceded the musical part of the event. Students from Ghana, Ecuador, Morocco, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, other countries and, of course, Ukraine represented their countries.

Each exposition is a separate world, which features the attributes, traditions and customs of each country. Students dressed their national costumes, so the area was blossoming with all the colors of the rainbow.

In short, the exhibition became an interesting and delicious preface to the song and dance part of the festival, "The Singing and Dancing Planet Earth". Representatives of different countries came to the square on their national melodies, welcomed the audience in their native language. Patricio, a graduate student of the university, was greeted by the Rector himself for the constant participation in the festival during all six years of his studies at ZSMU. As a sign of loyalty to friendship, he was granted a korovai baked by confectioners of the university.

Such a festival, organized annually by the ZSMU students, is undoubtedly authentic, not only for our region. Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, Rector of ZSMY, wished students to take care and develop a sense of friendship and harmony, which help to successfully study and obtain a profession at the best elite medical university of the country.

13 May 2019

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