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Auti Rakesh Gave First Try to IFOM

Auti Rakesh Gave First Try to IFOM

Auti Rakesh, a graduate student from the Republic of India studying medicine at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, was the first one among students of the university to successfully pass the International Fundamentals of Medicine (IFOM) exam.

The young man did this voluntarily at the Testing Center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. According to Associate Professor Ivan Melnyk, Dean of the International Faculty No. 2, a report was received from the Center that Rakesh had met the requirements and, according to the terms of the examination, his result will be accepted as the passed KROK-2 complex licensed exam.

Thus, Rakesh Auti proved to fellow students that there's nothing to be afraid regarding this exam, but everyone needs to thoroughly prepare. As Rakesh told, he had to use his best efforts on each of the 160 test questions that related to the large amount of learned material. Nevertheless, he's convinced that the teaching level at ZSMU is more than enough to succeed as well.

Rakesh was preparing at home and at the library, because he thinks it is a matter of honor to finish the university well and to justify the expectations of the parents, who are waiting for him in his native Hyderabad. The young man really wants to be a surgeon at home, and the path to mastering skills lies, of course, through the thorny stages of learning.

11 May 2019

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