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From Wroclaw with New Impressions

From Wroclaw with New Impressions

Within the framework of the agreement on cooperation between universities the delegation of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University visited Wroclaw Medical University with the aim of developing international educational relations.

"We were very warmly welcomed by Professor Marek Ziętek, Rector of the Wroclaw Medical University, and Professor Jacek Szepietowski, Vice-Rector for University Development", says Associate Professor Maksym Shyshkin, Dean of the Medical Faculty No. 3. "Mr. Szepietowski even admitted that Wroclaw Medical University maintains partnerships with many overseas universities, but with ZSMU they maintain warm and friendly relations. The program of the visit was very rich, Polish colleagues eagerly talked about their achievements, frankly shared problems. As it turned out, we have a lot in common both in the process of organizing training, and in the scientific sphere.

A very fruitful meeting was with Professor Małgorzata Radwan-Oczko, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and Doctor of Medical Sciences Jan Nienartowicz, Vice-Dean of the faculty. We visited the training centers and the dental clinic. Also, we had the opportunity to see the process of training students of different courses, got acquainted with the equipment. In the rehabilitation department of the WMU clinic, Doctor of Medical Sciences Edyta Sutkowska, Head of the department, told us about the organization of student training at the department and the principles of rehabilitation after different diseases introduced in Poland."

"We were pleasantly impressed by the Medical Simulation Center, opened at Wroclaw Medical University last fall", adds Professor Serhii Kyseliov, Doctor of Medical Sciences. "Our partners managed to organically combine the old architecture and the latest technology in the field of medical education. Doctor of Medical Sciences Piotr Kolęda, Head of the Center, said that for the past year, the Medical Simulation Center spent 4 million euros on equipment, mannequins, various simulators and consumables. The European Union provided a huge amount of money. But it was even more pleasant that our university did not fall behind in modern technologies: almost everything that Polish friends showed us is available in our university in interdepartmental Simulation Training Center, however, in a smaller number, because nobody gave us the money for the purchases, everything was earned by the university.

We had the opportunity to visit the modern library of the university and communicate with our colleagues. Of course, such trips give a new impetus to the development and improvement of our university."

9 April 2019

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