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Work Must Go On

Work Must Go On

It’s been already almost half a month of the 2019th year, and at our Foreign Citizens Training Center, the youth are pleased to recall how they celebrated winter holidays, students share their experiences with those who for some reason missed this action. In fact, it was very warm, as in a friendly family, because during such holidays, foreigners are especially missing their homes and relatives.

The youth together with the groups’ curators united in the preparation of interesting creative acts, learned how to celebrate the New Year and Christmas in different countries of the world, got acquainted with the customs, traditions and symbols that accompany these events in Ukraine. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka visited every group, and the students chatted in Ukrainian with these fairy-tale characters, demonstrated the linguistic surprises they had prepared. Talented foreign youths performed Ukrainian, English, French songs, read New Year's Ukrainian poetry, and even danced the Ukrainian hopak, as well as demonstrated their national songs and dances.

Such joint activities contribute to better adaptation of foreigners to the culture and traditions of the country where they study, let them fully reveal their talents, become better friends, gain positive emotions and get inspiration to the next stage of important work. Teachers are also quite happy talk to students in an informal circle and motivate them to make productive language studies. Therefore, no wonder the warm memories of the holiday, as a pleasant component of student life, will still last a long time in our classrooms.

Inesa Molchanova
Teacher of the ZSMU Foreign Citizens Training Center

10 January 2019

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