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Academic Council of University

Academic Council of University

Today, a meeting of the Academic Council of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University took place, which considered an extremely important issue — the preparation for the licensing examinations "KROK" and the implementation of the CMU Decree dated March 28, 2018, as well as information on the progress of the decision of the ZSMU Academic Council dated January 31, 2018 "On the issue of preparation for the licensing examinations "KROK"" taking into account the features specified in the Letter of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated June 29, 2017 "On determining the competence level in a foreign language (professional direction) of students, citizens of Ukraine, who study in specialties "Medicine", "Dentistry", "Pharmacy" of broad field 22 "Healthcare".

Speakers on the main issue, Vice-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work, Associate Professor Svitlana Morguntsova, and Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Professor Vadim Vizir, informed the participants in detail about the structure of the uniform state qualification examinations, as well as the results of KROK examinations in 2018 and the forecast of the testing center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for 2019.

The Dean of the Medical Faculty No. 1, Associate Professor Volodymyr Kompaniets reported on the preparations for the exams that have already been implemented in the university, as well as those that are about to be implemented. The Dean of the International Faculty No. 2, Associate Professor Ivan Melnyk drew the attention of the chairmen of the departments to the preparation of foreign students for the "KROK" exams. The Deputy Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 2, Assistant Professor Olha Denysenko spoke about the peculiarities of preparing for the "KROK-1. Pharmacy " exam of students of extramural study form, and the Acting Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Associate Professor Olena Hordiienko spoke about the achievements of the department in the comprehensive foreign language (professional direction) training of students. The Head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and New Technologies, Professor Olexii Ryzhov focused on improving the existing online courses. The Head of the Education Quality Monitoring Sector, Professor Oleg Ivanko, informed about the results of the sociological survey of students regarding the preparation for the "KROK" exams.

The Academic Council approved a number of measures for improving the education quality, students training on the preparation for the uniform state qualification examination and other forms of training quality control.

The Academic Council voted to confer scientific degrees and elect candidates for vacant positions, approved topics of dissertation researches, and considered a number of other issues.

18 December 2018

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