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Internship in Tbilisi: New Step in Learning

Internship in Tbilisi: New Step in Learning

The first, and so friendly, meeting with Georgia immediately made it clear that this internship would have lots of incredible moments! And it did have.

The First University Clinic of the Tbilisi State Medical University — the clinic, where the students of the Medical Faculty No. 1 Elina Hontarenko, Halyna Kepko, Inna Osinnia, Iryna Prykhodko and Svitlana Suleimanova were practicing. They got the opportunity to practice in the Therapeutic, Dermatological, Gynecological, Traumatological and Surgical departments, as well as in the Department of Pathology of Pregnancy and Childbirth. And for the student of the Medical Faculty No. 2 Olena Limantseva practiced in G. Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic of the Tbilisi State Medical University, where she was able to communicate freely with the leading pediatricians of Tbilisi.

Olena tells about her experience:

"Despite the fact that our practice was in the midst of the summer season, we were able to see many interesting clinical cases, common illnesses and rare abnormalities. For the very first day, we were pleasantly impressed by the hospitality of doctors, university professors and medical staff. Clinic staff have greeted us with special respect, reverence and willingness to help master the practical skills we have not yet possessed. Every acquaintance with doctors was filled with amazing emotions from the fact that experienced professionals so generously and unselfishly strive to give beginners the maximum of their knowledge, experience of many years of work and practical skills. Every day, we were in daze because of unbridled flow of extremely useful information.

The most up-to-date equipment, the European standards, the higher qualifications of doctors, the observance of recent minutes from European associations and the WHO according to the clear rules of insurance medicine, as well as the presence at various operations and diagnostic manipulations — this is an incomplete list of what we learned during the internship. It was interesting to communicate with students from Kharkiv, Kiev and Poland, who also practiced in Georgia.

In our free time, we met with memorable places of the capital, enjoyed an extraordinary Georgian cuisine, enthusiastically admired the grandeur of the temples and cathedrals, enjoyed the views of the mountainous terrain. On the day off, the International Department of the University gave all the students on internship an excursion to the ancient city of Mtskheta, the first capital of Georgia. There, as if in a time machine, we traveled through the ages.

This internship enriched us with new knowledge. We mastered practical skills, got acquainted with bright personalities, the leading physicians of Georgia, and forever fell in love with this colorful country! Thank you, Georgia!"

19 December 2018

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