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The Faster You Get Used, The Better You Will Study

The Faster You Get Used, The Better You Will Study

An interesting event at the Foreign Citizens Training Center was the visit to the Motor Sich Museum of Technology. Our students, who are undergoing pre-university training, examined with interest both the most up-to-date techniques that are produced in Ukraine and in particular our city, and those which have become the history of technical progress. They were fascinated by giant and small engines of planes and helicopters. They also acquainted with a large collection of retro motorcycles. Foreign youth was impressed by a private collection of samovars as well. Afterwards, we conducted a conversation with the students about this tour, about our city, its history. After all, they’ve just came to Zaporizhzhia and for them it is a part of Ukraine where they’ll spend their students' years.

This is just one example of the foreign students’ adaptation to a new environment. In order to make the adapting process faster and more interesting, the teachers of the Foreign Citizens Training Center pay great attention to their moral, ethical and aesthetic education, conduct conversations, and organize lessons-excursions to make them get used and encourage them to the future profession.

In October and November, several excursions were held, the first was an acquaintance with the campus, during which the teachers of the Center told the history of the university, introduced the students to the location of buildings and dormitories. The students visited the Anatomical Museum, viewed various exhibits, listened to the story of the guide, asked questions, photographed.

For foreign citizens who come to study at the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, the first year of training in the pre-university stage of their studies is very important and complex. From the moment of being admitted the HEI, they must adapt not only to the university study conditions and the specifics of living in the hostel, but also to establish a so called "dialogue of cultures". For them it is important not only to plunge into the foreign environment, but also to feel the beauty of willingly speak the Ukrainian language, to study the language both for life in Ukraine and for the specialty.

All the complex educational and educational work of the Center is aimed at increasing the motivation of the students of the preparatory department to learn the language with interest, so that training at our university was productive for them. The faster they get used, the better they will study. During excursions and other activities curator-teacher can better serry the group, identify leaders for further effective educational process.

30 November 2018

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