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Moroccan Students of ZSMU Met with Fellow Countrymen

Moroccan Students of ZSMU Met with Fellow Countrymen

A sincere and friendly meeting took place at the ZSMU Moroccan Cultural Center. Guests from Morocco came to visit students from a distant home — an interesting ancient city of Meknes.

The representative delegation, consisting of businessmen, educators, representatives of the Meknes-Fes Chamber of Commerce who arrived in Ukraine, in particular, to take part in the work of the Second Tourist Business Forum in Zaporizhzhia, could not help but visit Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, where Moroccan children study.

The young men and girls, who barely spent a month in Ukraine, attended the meeting and, of course, smiled joyfully when they heard greeting words from a distant home in their native language. Addressing them, the head of the delegation, Mr. Driss Hassin, said that it was a pleasure for them to see Moroccan youth in such a magnificent, beautiful and well-known medical institution. Motherland and parents with the hope send children to study medicine and pharmacy abroad, choosing for this the best universities, including the one in Zaporizhzhia. After training, Morocco expects them to be qualified professionals.

Every member of the delegation was trying to say something good to the students. They encouraged students, instructed to study well, to be obedient, to take better training from their professors in order to return home with high-quality diplomas. Guests also expressed their sincere gratitude to the ZSMU Administration and teachers who work patiently and wisely with their children.

In response, the dean of the International Faculty No.1, Associate Professor Dmytro Dochynets congratulated the guests of the University, noting that our higher medical education institution is linked with Morocco's by long-standing friendship. Since 1973, more than 800 specialists have graduated from ZSMU, returned to and successfully work in their homeland. He also stressed that it’s our pleasure to see such a high delegation visiting their children, which now are our children as well, we will take care of them together, and we want them to be worthy of their parents.

The head of the Foreign Citizens Training Center, Associate Professor Larysa Vasetska thanked the guests, told that in ZSMU there were created all the conditions for foreign students’ productive study, living, leisure. They can access educational and methodical literature, high-level computer classes, scientific library, etc. The latest techniques allow you to quickly master the language, so that in a month's training students can speak Ukrainian in daily life. Moreover, students of the preparatory department (among them there are 180 students who came to study from Morocco this year) actively familiarize themselves with the Zaporizhzhia region during the educational activities.

In the end of the meeting all the members made photos and exchanged souvenirs.

27 November 2018

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