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ZSMU team visits Palacky University in Czech Republic

ZSMU team visits Palacky University in Czech Republic

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University delegation and representatives of student’s council visited the Palacky University (Olomouc, Czech Republic). The delegation of ZSMU employees consisted of: Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1, Doctor of Medical Sciences Serhii Kyseliov, Associate Professor of the Department of Faculty Pediatrics, Doctor of Medical Sciences Tamila Shumna, Assistant Professor of the Department of Toxicological and Inorganic Chemistry, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dmytro Danilchenko, Leading Specialist of the International Relations Department of the University Andrii Yermakov, six-year students of the Medical Faculty No. 1 specifically Heorhii Podluzhnyi, Dmytro Tymofiiev and Anastasia Petrovska stayed in Olomouc during a week within the framework of cooperation and international project "Support to the improvement of the quality of higher education in Ukraine" funded by the Government of Czech Republic. The University staff participated in the workshop "Practical approaches and problems in the creation and implementation of curricula in accordance with ECTS standards". Students worked in the section "Internationalization and International Mobility".

Participation in the program for its participants proposes new horizons and experience that they will undoubtedly apply in the work.

The participants of the workshop returned from Olomouc full of positive impressions. The top organization, the hospitality of the Czech colleagues did everything possible to make the staying of the ZSMU delegation at the Palacky University comfortable and interesting.

The first workshop was organized in the form of a conversation as an exchange of experience with the participation of the Rector of the Palacky University, Mr. Yaroslav Miller. Interesting reports were presented by Deputy Deans of the Faculties of Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Theology as well as by the Head of the Department of Continuing Education, Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs, Vice-Rector on International Relations.

A great interest and discussion was caused by the video film on the training of students - paramedics in conditions close to real emergency situations. Then a visit to the medical simulation center took place, where the participants of the project practically demonstrated modern medical manikins for studying various physiological and pathophysiological processes. The Department of Computer Science presented its achievements in the development of software.

Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1, doctor of medical sciences Serhii Kyseliov tells about his impressions about the trip.

"I would rather say that this workshop is an interesting pedagogical training. First of all, we became acquainted with the principles of the pedagogical process in a way how the study programme is being prepared, the plans for accreditation process. Colleagues shared the experience of implementing the autonomy principles of the University.

I was impressed by the faculty of social orientation, where nurses, midwives, paramedics, physiotherapists are trained. In particular, we became acquainted with the training process of paramedics. It is closely related to the acquisition of practical skills, the student’s training takes place in connection with all the municipal services namely the police, teams of experienced paramedics. Students act as victims, feel the peculiarities of this specialty. There are a lot of mannequins, a variety of situations are created in the stimulation center that are close to the real situations in the training center. It is interesting for us that potential paramedics will appear at Ukrainian healthcare system and in future the necessity of their training in academic institutions will take place.

It was very interesting to visit the Faculty of Physical Education. It impresses with its equipment as there are not many such centers in Europe but one of them is located in Olomouc. In particular, there is a pool with unique equipment, fixed sensors that can record the movements of a swimmer, analyze them automatically and recommend how to improve its result. There are also many motion sensors that adjust the athlete’s training."

The participation in such pedagogical training was useful and very cognitive for ZSMU six-year students. Here are their impressions.

Heorhii Podluzhnyi: "The students’ topic of workshop was dedicated to internationalization in the system of higher education. First of all, we became acquainted with the history of the Czech Republic, city of Olomouc, the Palacky University. We were present at the series of exciting lectures. It was interesting to visit the research center of biotechnology. It is worth saying that our University also has the identical, but located in different departments, but in Olomouc all equipment is concentrated in one center. In particular there is a research development of drugs against cancer and scientists in Europe consider this issue of high priority. For example, our students attend scientific circles and in Olomouc they visit that center. We visited the University clinic and we were impressed by the University building, that has a helicopter."

Dmytrii Tymofeiev: "We were introduced to the system of scientific in the business incubator, which consists of more than 30 buildings. Developments are related to different types of technologies. Cooperation of science with business gives its profitable results. I was also impressed by University library. There is literature in Ukrainian there. We talked to students from Ukraine, one of the ZSMU graduates works in a University clinic."

The employees of ZSMU are grateful to ZSMU administration and Czech colleagues for the marvelous opportunity to obtain valuable European experience.

9 October 2018

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