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No one stays hungry

No one stays hungry

The student's life consists not only of the studying activity in library, but also of the time devoted to dining-room and buffet as a hungry student is annoying and inattentive. Cafes with traditional dishes are far away, so a ZSMU student goes to University buffets, dining room and the University café.

Recently University meal has been transformed into a new format. Anna Bobrykova, the Head of the nutrition production sector is in charge from August 2018. Students have already felt the productive start of gastronomic activity. Today, for example, among many types of specialties Belgian waffles were "presented" in the buffets. Covered with delicate strawberry, chocolate and other kinds of toping, the delicious thing really melts in the mouth.

"And tomorrow we are starting to bake doughnuts with sugar powder", says Anna Anatoliivna. "Chefs have already developed a recipe, have tested a production line and it is as well as for wafers completely new, modern and is to produce high quality specialties". From the beginning of the academic year the team together with the head first of all inspected the range of products offered to consumers and they refused some gastronomic options due to its uselessness and only left those things that are in demand in the buffets. Sweet dishes, pies, Napoleon cake, creamy walnut cakes, "Medovyk" (honey cake), gingerbreads, and various types of patties are among them.

"We introduce cupcakes, muffins", says Anna Bobrykova. "Technological equipment, that enriched the nutrition production sector, allowed us to produce a new type of puff pastry tubes; these are a kind of yeast products that are good with jam, strawberry filler, sugar powder and are contain peanuts or raisins. We have already introduced tarts, new products baked from the sweet pastry. We obtained special forms for its production, baked layers are filled with butter cream. Such "Fantasy" cake resembles the taste of "pigeon milk"."

You will not be satisfied only with sweet things. Pizza will be available on sale, but with some corrections in the recipe. And also puffs with cheese, meat, even with apples will be sold as well as various types of traditional buns with poppy, jam, apples. We started to cook hot dogs, that became possible again, thanks to the University acquired equipment for baking buns.

In the dining room spicy chicken balls are cooked, packed in containers — the principle of McDonald's, as well as village style potatoes are served by the same principle. Moreover, students do not need to go for "shawarma" any more somewhere outside the University. This product is cooked already in the University dining room. The main issue is that the whole gastronomic process is strictly technologically and sanitary controlled, so it is completely safe. So the rule of the nutrition sector is "Only today's food for sale".

Buffets function in all academic buildings of the University, even food is delivered to the Medical College and the University Clinic. Salads, side dishes, meat dishes are delivered to the buffets in disposable dishes. These days after a technical repair a well-equipped dining room for 60 seats has been opened in the dormitory №4, where you can eat a full- course dinner. The canteen-worker Maryna Solovyova tells that foreigners are the most frequent visitors there. Students from Morocco enjoy pastry with chicken, cheese and pizza. For consumers of sweet things in large quantities the day starts with cakes "Napoleon" and "Medovyk". Experienced chef cooks the first courses, salads, side dishes. Moroccan students willingly order chicken, chicken cutlets, plov, village style potatoes. New equipment for heating waffles is available, as well as a microwave oven. You can also have your dinner in the "Recipe" café.

Soon according to the wishes of student activists a "Menu of the day" will be created. It will be a comprehensive lunch. Students will be able to get acquainted with the menu for the present and the next day in the leaflets that will be presented in all buffets. If necessary, lunch can be ordered, but one can have lunch in the buffet of the hostel number 4 or in the cafe "Recipe". The second half of the leaflet will introduce the variety of courses for the current day.

And even now employees are planning to launch a productional line for making dumplings. All students and employees will have a possibility to buy such specialties for home dinner.

26 September 2018

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