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ZSMU meets Indian students

ZSMU meets Indian students

Students from the Republic of India are coming to study at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University and this year they are starting to master medicine. 70 students have already come. Among the foreign students the Indian community is the biggest one as more than 1200 young Indians are studying at ZSMU at present time.

The good reputation of our University is transmitted to India by ZSMU graduates who get basic knowledge and make successful medical career in future. Therefore, the parents of boys and girls who want to see their children highly qualified doctors aspire to send them to Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. At ZSMU all favourable conditions are created not only for training, but also for comfortable daily life.

"We met students from the Republic of India who came to study at Medical Faculty", said Serhii Kolomoiets, Assistant of Pro-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Academic Work. "They learned about the history of ZSMU and the academic staff. The freshers visited the Indian Cultural Center, the departments of technology of medicine, human anatomy, operative surgery and topographic anatomy and the pride of the University i.e. the anatomical museum. They visited a library where a procedure of issuing a student’s card was demonstrated. Guests visited sectional classes afterwards. Then they had an excursion around the campus, visited the hostels, the interdepartmental training center and the Indian cafe where traditional Indian dishes are cooked. At present time 25 freshmen with ten parents arrived. We will make a similar excursion for them as well."

In total, this year with the assistance of the partner of ZSMU, NEO Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology LTD, about 200 freshmen from India will join the student society. ZSMU will become a second home for them.

24 September 2018

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