Students of the Medical College are in the research field of ZSMU

Students of the Medical College are in the research field of ZSMU

      Students of the Medical Vocational College improved practical skills in pharmacognosy in the research field of medicinal plants of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. 

      "Departments of Pharmaceuticals of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University and our Medical Vocational College cooperate to educate the younger generation of pharmacists," said Deputy Dean of the First Faculty of Pharmacy, Associate Professor Lyudmila Cherkovska. That is why 29 students of the "Pharmacy" department of the college came to the research field of the university to improve practical skills in pharmacognosy. Future pharmacists must be able to see the growth of medicinal raw materials, to touch each plant. They observed the field, which is organized according to the science requirements to the collection of medicinal plants in the open ground.

     The college biology teacher Victoria Volokitina managed the student internship. She said that during the two weeks, second-year students got acquainted with an extremely rich collection of medicinal plants. More than 150 species were carefully collected by the Department of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Botany of ZSMU. Students were amazed, because there are many extraordinary plants which they haven’t ever seen. Therefore, caring for them, they remember, learn to distinguish medicinal raw materials by external signs, to diagnose it, to systematize the acquired knowledge.  

      Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Botany ZSMU Inna Shevchenko is taking care of the research field. She emphasizes the good organization of practice. "We are glad to see our young friends, it is nice to note the high responsibility of the leader, discipline, honesty and diligence of students, their curiosity," says Inna Mykolayivna. - We really needed their hands and help. Conducted a tour, every day was informative. Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with wild and cultivated medicinal plants, the basics of growing and caring for them. We told about specific of collecting and carrying out primary processing of medicinal plant raw materials, which can be used directly for the manufacture of drugs. Such kind of lessons in nature are invaluable for future pharmacists. "


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