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Meeting in Hue, Vietnam

Meeting in Hue, Vietnam

This time the work under implementation of the D-PBL technology and training on medical errors took the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University to the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy located in the picturesque city Hue, Vietnam.

The three-year project is being now on its third year of realization. Till this time a huge part of activities has been done by 6 Partner Country Universities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Vietnam in the frames of pediatric VP cases repurposing and new Virtual Patients creation under the supervision and constant assistance of the Programme Country Universities.

The meeting took place on May 13-16. The Rector of the University opened the event and greeted all participants. During the event all partners were to report on the achievements and findings they have at the moment: the reports on the Work Packages done and deliverables completed, dissemination and sustainability progress of the project.

The last day of the event was for bilateral meetings between the partners. This day built a bridge between ZSMU and HUMP. The Coordinator from the Ukrainian institution Olena Furyk, Associate Professor of the Infectious Diseases Department, and Manager of the project from ZSMU, Aliona Pavlenko, Officer of the International Relations Department had a personal meeting with the Vice-rector of HUMP. As a result, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed from the HUMP side for cooperation in the educational and scientific spheres. The Vice-rector delivered greetings to the Rector of ZSMU and invited him to the annual medical conference in December, 2018.

Thanks to the well-planned organization, warm hosting and active participation of all the participants the Project meeting was of a great success.

15 May 2018

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