Clinical case analysis on-line

Clinical case analysis on-line

The Department of Pediatrics of Faculty of Postgraduate Education of ZSMU surprises with a creative approach to the use of the latest technologies both in the educational process and in the work of professional development courses for doctors. 

Distance learning technologies have been implemented at the department for more than ten years. That is way a large baggage of experience has been gained. Thanks to its own media center, the department has repeatedly gathered a wide audience live and on-line for interesting lectures, thematic improvement courses, scientific and practical conferences initiated by the head of the department, Professor Lyudmila Boyarska about nutrition, immunology, immunoprophylaxis of children.  

And now they found another novelty like as online case analysis. A truly unique case was chosen for the analysis. That is the cerebral form of West Nile disease in a five-year-old child. The conference took place on May 28 at the department media center.

More than 80 participants joined the conference. They are interns and teachers from Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih.  

The brilliant report was prepared by interns of the second year of study Oleksandra Babich and Natalia Selionova. They accompanied the patient with a rehabilitation team of doctors consisting of a pediatrician, neurologist, psychologist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, rehabilitation specialist, masseur. Interns told about the disease and its dynamics, answered numerous questions from participants. 

The format was successful. All participants expressed a desire to continue on-line analysis of complex clinical cases, because such training gives invaluable results due to the high professionalism of the staff of the Department of Pediatrics. 



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