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Happy Anniversary, ZSMU!

Happy Anniversary, ZSMU!

On January 29, it is the 50th anniversary of the reorganization of the Zaporizhzhia Pharmaceutical Institute into the Medical Institute. The relevant resolution was adopted by the Council of Ministers of the USSR 10 years after the transfer of the institute from Odessa to Zaporizhya.
At that time the Institute had the medical faculty working for four years, the departments being set up and the educational and clinical base growing. All this provided the necessary prerequisites for the transformation of the pharmaceutical institute into a medical one with an organization of educational at two departments — pharmaceutical and medical.
For the past half century, since the reorganization, the higher educational institution has changed drastically. Today it is a powerful educational and scientific center: 8 faculties, 61 departments, over 9 thousand students, among them more than 2.5 thousand are foreigners from 42 countries. In total, taking into account interns, clinical residents, postgraduates and courses participants, there about 13 thousand people currently studying at the university. The university has its own clinic and a medical college.
Zaporizhzhya State Medical University has the best material base among all higher medical education institutions and a powerful teaching staff of 123 doctors and 475 candidates of sciences. ZSMU achievements have been recognized by the world scientific community: the first transplants of the heart and liver in Ukraine, the first original medicines, the first artificial joints. Two academic journals of the University were also recognized globally, in 2016 they were included in the most prestigious world science-based database of Web of Science.
On the occasion of this University’s anniversary, a number of events will take place throughout the year, including scientific conferences, lectures, presentations, exhibitions, special events of the Academic Council, concerts, etc.
Happy Anniversary, ZSMU!

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