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New book acquisitions to the ZSMU library

New book acquisitions to the ZSMU library

    New book acquisitions to the library fund are always a pleasant event for library staff and readers.

    The university library has received  595 copies of educational and scientific literature in March. These are books of psychiatry, drug technology, medical and pharmaceutical informatics.

      It is noteworthy that there are works created by the departments of our university  among them. In particular, the monograph "Norm in the psychiatric dimension" (Lviv, 2020) and the textbook "Psychotherapeutic diagnosis", authored by the head of the Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, General and Medical Psychology, Addiction and Sexology, Professor Vadim Chugunov. There is also the  textbook "General and Medical Psychology"  by Professor Vitaly Kurilo. 

      The staff of this department took part in the creation of the current textbook "Treatment and prevention of COVID-19. Mental health care in a pandemic”. This publication is the result of the joint work of five medical universities in Ukraine.

      The textbook "Information Technology in Pharmacy", two textbooks and two tutorials replenished the library. These are the works of specialists of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies, headed by Professor Alexei Ryzhov.

      You can get comprehensive information about the content and composition of the library's funds by contacting the electronic catalog. 

      We remind you that the book arrives on reading rooms after registration in the catalog and it takes some time.



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