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First-year foreign medical students study anatomy

First-year foreign medical students study anatomy

One of the main subjects for all medical students is the human anatomy. All of them, as well as certain groups of future pharmacists and dentists, starting from the first year, go through close cooperation with the Department of Human Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy. Education during the coronavirus pandemic is marked by its specifics, but finally the university has got the opportunity to start classes offline. So that first-year foreign medical students of the II International Faculty started active work with anatomical preparations, models of skeletons, bones, have access to the latest technologies, such as interactive anatomical table Anatomage, which allows studying the structure of the human body in 3D.

The teachers of the department are almost 100% fluent in English and motivate students for serious work from the very beginning. Senior Lecturer of the Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences Yuri Abrosimov, who is responsible for teaching English-speaking students, notes the good motivation of the majority of students. He said that first-year foreign medical students started to study anatomy off-line from first of March. Before that, they have studied the subject on-line and have already got some basic knowledge. All groups consist of 11-12 members and all anti-epidemic measures are clearly implemented. There was a live acquaintance with the department. Students studied splanchnology - the science of the entrails, after that they started the respiratory system. Teacher reads lecture on-line, and the practical classes are alive.

As Yuri Abrosimov said: “In the process of training we use anatomical atlases, I continue to send them electronic manuals in Teams, links to interesting anatomical sites. I plan to use widely the Anatomage anatomical table and other interactive learning technologies in pairs. By the way, classes are better and deeper with those students who came for two weeks off-line at the beginning of the year and then turned to a blended form of education. 22 groups pf students studied like that and the live acquaintance with the university played an important positive role. They use electronic atlases, 3D models with interest.

Foreign students who speak Ukrainian also successfully study the discipline. There are 30 students in three groups. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Natalia Hrynivetska takes care of them at the department. She sincerely cares for them, supports, tries to invest in youth and knowledge, and kindly helps to adapt to the country and the university.

“First-year students are very good," says Natalia Valerievna. - We have already met those who came from the beginning of March, held several off-line classes, I am satisfied with their curiosity. They are interested in the information, thoughtful. And our task is to encourage, praise, say something good. We are friends and the classes are always interesting even though a bit tense. Sometimes it is because of the problem with communication and the lack of language practice. These groups of foreigners studied Ukrainian at university, but mostly remotely – because of the coronavirus. Therefore, their knowledge differs from those who studied off-line. However, this will not bother to get the good knowledge. We will y adapt them and cope with the curriculum. They have already studied bones, arthrology - joints, muscles, moved to the internal organs. Interest in the subject is growing and I’m glad that they are already asking questions. Anatomy is not easy but very necessary.

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