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About cultural heritage of the Great Kobzar

About cultural heritage of the Great Kobzar

The mission of the university is not only to prepare future professionals but also to bring up a good person. So that ZSMU pays great attention to the cultural enrichment of students and cultivates respect, love for the culture and history of Ukraine,homelands of our foreign students, and other countries from all over the world.

Annually on March 9 University celebrates anniversary of birthday of the greatest Ukrainian poet and writer Taras Shevchenko. Both Ukrainian and foreign students takes part in celebration and preparation for it.

The main task of such events is to encourage Ukrainian and foreign students to study the literary and cultural heritage of Great Kobzar. The events are attended by all groups of students under the guidance of teachers-curators. Various forms of organization of the educational process are used: among them are reading literary works, illustrations to the studied poetic and prose heritage of the Great Kobzar. Traditionally interesting thematic classes are also held. And this year they were on-line. During these classes students talked about the poet's and life and works . Teachers try to involve students to didactic games, in particular, the intellectual game-competition of connoisseurs of the Ukrainian language - "Ukrainian language, nightingale language". In addition, the quest "Do we know the Kobzar?" was organized where students were introduced to the life of Taras Shevchenko in a playful way.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of students and teachers, the thematic classes are not only informative, but also interesting, interactive and entertaining. You can see photos of off-line activities organized previous years and, watch video where teachers of the Department of Language Training recite poems of the great poet.

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