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Expert class ultrasound for young patients

Expert class ultrasound for young patients

Every year our university spends millions of hryvnias for buying the most modern equipment for clinical departments. This equipment is used to provide highly qualified medical care to the population. The strong contribution of the university to the health of the population of the region is a sign of a high degree of social partnership and responsibility to society.
Zaporizhzhia City Children's Hospital №5 was one of the first that received the gift from ZSMU in the new year. It was an expert-class ultrasound machine MyLab X5 with specialized sensors and a printer. "The Fifth Children's City Hospital is our main clinical base," said the rector of ZSMU, Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk, during the handover of the hospital's ultrasound machine. - Here are our four departments that provide training for pediatricians, interns and retraining of doctors. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to this hospital. The MyLab X5 device has a wide range of action, it can study everything. It has three sensors that allow us to study all organs – heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and blood vessels. This is not the first device we have donated to the hospital; probably it is the fourth one.

Last year an endoscopic surgical rack was bought. It is used for the most complex operations now. "

The head physician of the City Children's Hospital 5 Andriy Zaporozhchenko does not hide his satisfaction. He said that the work in a day hospital by using the device of such class would allow providing qualitatively full ambulatory inspections ultrasonic, and all screenings that are only possible.

The new equipment was installed in the day hospital department. By the way, the fifth city children's hospital is the only children's medical institution in Zaporizhzhia that concentrates all types of specialized medical care for children: inpatient, outpatient and outpatient for intensive care for newborns. Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is preparing a whole program of cooperation with the authorities of the city of Zaporizhzhia. More about this in the video (video in Ukrainian).

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