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The third edition of the catalog of on-line courses has been published

The third edition of the catalog of on-line courses has been published

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has published the third edition of the catalog of on-line courses. It was presented at a regular meeting of the Academic Council of the University. According to the vice - rector of scientific, pedagogical and educational work, associate professor Svitlana Morguntsova, there is another reason to be proud of the cooperate achievements of the team, our systematic work at the process of informatization of the educational system, which is headed by the administration of the university.

On-line courses are an intellectual property, a kind of highlight of ZSMU. Our university presented a real choice of training courses for students for the first time. All departments of the university have developed and implemented on-line courses by using modern LMS platform edX. The fact that students really appreciated and supported this idea is proved by the next comparison. The first edition of the catalog included 110 courses of various disciplines, the second one had 161. The new third one has 635 online courses already. The peculiarity of the new edition is that all the content is divided into four blocks: clinical disciplines, medical- biological, pharmaceutical and social-humanitarian. By a special QR-code, you can go to electronic resources to find the right course.

The implementation of this project has become especially important during the last year, and during the quarantine period of study also because of increasing the part of independent work of students. Therefore, the development of on-line courses at the system of medical education of ZSMU will go on.

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