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We have a busy week ahead of us

We have a busy week ahead of us

Eighty groups of first-year students have come for classes to auditoriums. So that the deans' offices, the administrative and economic service, and the administration in general will have more issues to solve. First of all it is necessary to control not only the educational process, but also compliance with sanitary requirements, to check the compliance of routes, to prevent congestion in common areas. These issues were a priority during the meeting of the Rector's Office, which was held on-line by the Rector of ZSMU, Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk.
According to words of Vice-Rector of Administrative and Economic Affairs Andriy Kozak, safe routes have been developed for all groups, a sufficient number of antiseptics has been provided, and containers have been installed to collect used personal protective equipment. In the educational buildings, all corridors and classrooms are disinfected every two hours. After each lesson, the classrooms are ventilated and tables and desks are wiped with disinfectant solutions. Counteracting the spread of coronavirus infection continues.
However, the current week will be busy not only due to the increase of the number of students in campuses. Master’s theses defenses have already started. Three dissertations will be also defended. Moreover, a meeting of the Central Methodical Council and other planned management events will take place. In addition, on February 24 according to the request of enrollees an Open Day will be held on-line for the second time.

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