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Systematic academic integrity and the prevention of corruption

Academic integrity, prevention of corruption is constantly in the focus of attention of the Rectorate of Zaporizhizhia State Medical University.  Because ZSMU researchers and teaching staff has an increased responsibility for educating students of high moral and ethical values that must be shown by their own example. All scientific and pedagogical workers of ZSMU are personally responsible for the correct work with sources of information, compliance with the requirements of scientific ethics and respect intellectual property, violation of generally accepted rules of citation, use of plagiarism. Therefore, this work requires systematic approaches, not one-off measures.

     At today's meeting of the Rector's Office that was headed by the Rector of ZSMU Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk have taken place. The important aspects of the fundamental principles of academic integrity and prevention of cases of dishonest behavior were once again discussed on-line. Relevant information was given  to the members of the Rectorate by the Vice-Rector of Scientific, Pedagogical and Educational Work, Associate Professor Svitlana Morguntsova.

   Deans of faculties informed about the gradual withdrawal of students to the classroom format of study. For example, sixth-year students of the II International Faculty are already improving their practical skills at the interdepartmental training center, and Ukrainian graduates will start from 1st  of March. From February 22, Ukrainian first-year students of medical faculties will enter the auditorium. And so, gradually, in courses and specialties, students will return to the classroom. However, the lectures will still remain in on-line format according to the schedule, with full visualization.

     Medical college students have been working in the classroom format for the second week. They are having practical classes at the training base and at the fifth city hospital and maternity hospital № 9.

The control of the quality of education continues constantly. The educational department and the department of medical and pharmaceutical informatics and the latest technologies monitored all lectures and practical classes during the last week. The electronic resources of the departments have also been checked.

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