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Confirmed dedication to the profession

A high level of professional knowledge, dedication to the profession is always inherent for students and graduates of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. Аll institutions of practical health care in Ukraine where they work know that.  Moreover the ZSMU training was covered by the Covid-19 pandemic while doctors especially need excellent knowledge, high professionalism and courage.

The university administration often receives words of gratitude for the excellent training of specialists in the field. So the Letter of thanks addressed to the rector of ZSMU, Professor Yuri Kolesnyk was sent from Donetsk region by V. Saranov, the director of Utility non-profit enterprises "Volnovakha Central District Hospital".

 The Letter says: "The administration of the Volnovakha Central District Hospital expresses its respect for your activities and is very grateful for the education and high level of professional training of 5th year students of the II Medical Faculty Andriy Bilozerov and Valeria Shabliy." The letter noted the exemplary competence and dedication to medical work which was shown by the fifth-year students of ZSMU, working for three months at the hospital of Volnovakha Central District Hospital.

We are proud of our students, their example is worth following!

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