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We are preparing for accreditation

We are preparing for accreditation

Preparation for accreditation of specialties "dentistry" and "physical therapy, occupational therapy" was the main topic of today's meeting of the administration. The meeting was held online under the leadership of the rector of ZSMU Professor Yuri Kolesnik.

The Head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Education Professor Vira Odintsova reported about the peculiarities of accreditation due to the new procedure. It will be conducted by experts appointed by the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

A complex, multi-stage evaluation process is waiting for us. Previously, the guarantors of educational programs Associate Professor of Propaedeutic and Surgical Dentistry Irina Vozna and Associate Professor of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Health Svetlana Kanigina must submit self-assessment reports of the university to the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Then the interviews with experts will take part.

Yury Mikhailovich emphasized that it is necessary to be very responsible both to preparation for accreditation, and to its passing. He added that we have unique training centers for dentists with the latest equipment, well-equipped massage rooms, Physical Therapy Center. We have highly qualified specialists, the best specialists in the field. So, our task is to present everything with dignity.

All transitional courses (except the first, which is in the session phase) have started the spring semester. The Vice-Rector for Research, Teaching and Education, Associate Professor Svetlana Morguntsova said that during the first week of study the educational department and the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies monitored 234 lectures and 112 practical classes. The learning process is on schedule, clear and organized in a mixed mode. First-year students of the English-language form of education study off-line in the classrooms with all anti-epidemic measures. The issue of elder courses is being solved gradually.  

The Dean of the II Faculty of Pharmacy, Associate Professor Oleh Pryakhin prepared the report about the results of the Certification. He noted that all 211 part-time graduates successfully coped with two stages of certification.

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